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Who We Are

MBSYS Group is a technology based multi-business company which includes IT consulting, E-commerce and Software Solutions as its core business units

Our Mission

Deliver the best quality of diverse products under different business lines, provide compelling customer service and create long term satisfied customer base.

Our Vision

Provide highly customer-centric, best quality and most convenient service through advanced technology and innovation.


Providing Best Business Solution For
Growing Your Business


MBSYS Group is a technology company established in 2019 based in USA, initiated by a group of Business and IT professionals from USA and Nepal.  The company’s foundation is built with the utmost intention of embracing today’s innovative development involving cloud-based IT-system with the concept of assisting business and individuals in their technological requirements and solve their business as well as day to day problems, with the distinctiveness of simplicity and convenience. We focus on software development, IT consulting and e-commerce, emphasizing mainly on delivering the quality that will live to the expectation of the community where the company operates, offering a world class hassle-free service.


MBSYS Group aims to think globally and act locally at the same time by bringing the innovation and technology of the world to solve the problems with local as well as global relevance. MBSYS Group has been founded with the utmost intention of solving the issues of consumers  not getting the promised quality and post-transaction/after-sales services that they are worthy of. From the inception, the founders believed that the quality of service is a key mantra for success.

Practical Experience