MBSYS Group is a technology company established in 2019 based in USA, initiated by a group of Business and IT professionals from USA and Nepal. The company’s foundation is built with the utmost intention of embracing today’s innovative development involving cloud-based IT-system with the concept of assisting business and individuals in their technological requirements and solve their business as well as day to day problems, with the distinctiveness of simplicity and convenience. We focus on software development, IT consulting and e-commerce, emphasizing mainly on delivering the quality that will live to the expectation of the community where the company operates, offering a world class hassle-free service.



Provide highly customer-centric, best quality and most convenient service through advanced technology and innovation.

Our Mission

Deliver the best quality of diverse products under different business lines, provide compelling customer service and create long term satisfied customer base.


MBSYS offers customized solutions for all

MBSYS Group is a technology based multi-business company which includes IT consulting, E-commerce and Software Solutions as its core business units. With its multiple line of businesses, MBSYS Group seeks to deliver the best of quality among its customers through all its business processes.


Mukundo.COM is an e-commerce business line under MBSYS Group Nepal Pvt. Ltd. which operates in Nepal to provide the best online shopping experience to the consumers in Nepali market and abroad. It emphasizes on local products along with ensuring the availability of high-quality and genuine brands/products from around the world and focusing on the needs of consumers ensuring that these products are at their fingertips.


MBSYS group provides complete IT support to nurture its client’s business and help it grow to its full potential through assistance in aligning their IT strategy to their business goals. MBSYS Group, with a team of IT experts, seeks to support its clients in proper use of technological and business resources to keep up with the market trend and excel in their area of business.

Software Products

MBSYS Group aims to develop fully customizable enterprise and general purpose applications to automate various workflows. Our dedicated IT team is actively analyzing and working on development of such applications addressing various business sectors such as Automobiles, Education, E-Commerce and many more. We will be announcing these products in phases soon.

Partner with MBSYS Group

Towards The Future

We seek to be one of the finest tech company around the globe either by providing IT solutions to clients or though advanced online shopping platform to customers . We strive to build strong trust and co-operation with our local as well as global partners by focusing on serving the interest of our company and our partners equally.

We believe in growing together. We invite you to join us and become our trustworthy partners.

Join Hands With Us

Let us know how we can collaborate for better future



Looking For a Job?

Be a part of the adventure! We are a team of enthusiasts and keen learners. We are highly energetic and focused towards achieving organizational as well as personal growth. We believe in empowering and enlightening each other for the better. Life at MBSYS Group is an inspiring journey towards a big picture where your dreams are shared, protected and guided to help you transform into a better you.



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